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    Combining leading-edge Technical strategy and knowledge, to develop efficient and effective solutions that keep Technology one-step ahead.

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About us

Mindset is an exclusive portal for students. Over a decade, we are furnishing individuals in all technologies and domains by fulfilling their desires in Research & Development sector through efficient training methodologies. All our efforts are focused on students to meet industry requirements.

The global presence and reach attained by Mindset are not only substantiated by its presence, but also by the environment provided for the students. Since our environment is encapsulated with doctorates, professionals and other experts. Accordingly, we created a setting which enables student to recover from the existing learning processes and making them to be an intellect.

In our increasing globalization, Mindset moves forward to unite the desires of students and challenges of the future in R & D sector by improving the agility and enabling students to achieve sustainable growth over their rivalry. For future enhancement, industry based knowledge are provided for students in various levels. To sum up, we are filling student necessities in all possible ways to make career brighter in their desired field.

Mindset is the brain child of IEEE society :: IEEE's Constitution defines the purposes of the organization as "scientific and educational, directed toward the advancement of the theory and practice of electrical, electronics, communications and computer engineering, as well as computer science, the allied branches of engineering. Driven by its strong vision to create a technology education through the establishment of a very strong research lead and industry oriented curriculum.

Mindset strives to meet its quality commitment to technology education by engaging highly qualified people to perform intensive research activity on the course curriculum to keep abreast of the development of the industry.

Training Methodology
  • To create a maximum awareness about Research & Development and its importance.Our training methodology is practical and thoroughly interactive for maximum learning and benefit. We continue to give our students valuable practical training experiences consist of in-depth training, live applications.
  • Our part never ends with training and also we work closely with our students to develop the live applications that will enable our students to gain better hands-on experience and to meet the industry requirements.
  • For the benefits of the students and the industry, Industrial training program is conducted exclusively at our premises.
  • Mindset has partnered with various companies to encourage and support the academic and R&D activities for the students of different educational institutes.
  • Our support in the academic and R&D projects will help students to gain real time experience of doing projects in latest technologies and tools.
  • Our placement division provides an excellent support to the meritorious students by assisting in campus interviews and will constantly upgrade them to the requirement of the industry needs
  • The partial list of clients include: WIPRO, INFOSYS, TCS, PHILIPS, TATA ELAXI, BOSCH, Etc… for which we outsource manpower
Our Team

Team consists of enthusiastic experts, drawn from a range of disciplines and experience, supported by infrastructure and facilities, which are world class and distinctively state-of-the-art. Our Experts have diverse industry experience with the right mix of patience, and aggressiveness to assist students hence they are working as clear interface to students by delivering an uninterrupted real time help. The strength of the organization not only depends on identifying and articulating intellectual challenges across a number of disciplines of knowledge but also in development of specific problem-based advanced technologies to the students. Each and every expert in our organization has their own roles in student development process. Since experts are involved in all the stages of industrial training. Team is persistently preserved to manage advanced technologies to increase the students abilities in various sectors.


Mindset will be recognized as, the predominating Research & Development training organization for students to acquire excellent knowledge, professional development and personal growth.

To be a leading organization and recognized as global leader in industrial skill training. By providing real time training and trusted communication.

To be a leading organization and recognized as global leader in industrial skill training. By providing real time training and trusted communication.